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Le Groupe, qui vient de célébrer ses 25 ans, s’est vu attribuer cette distinction lors de la Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) de Microsoft, qui s’est tenue à Washington DC du 12 au 15 juillet dernier.
Scriba s’est vu remettre ce trophée en raison du « caractère innovant de sa stratégie et [de] la qualité de la promotion qu’il a assurée autour des solutions « On line » ». Rappelons que Scriba met en œuvre chez les clients des solutions de messagerie Exchange et de portails SharePoint, hébergées dans les datacenters de Microsoft, ce qui permet d’éviter au client final les coûts d’infrastructure et les contraintes liées à l’administration. (Source IT Channel)

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14/08/2013 23:50:27
and allows for more cstiomizauton. At first glance it looks very much like its predecessor, the ribbon is back and it is now also found on OneNote. There are plenty of sites that will give you a play-by-play on all the features available in this new version, so I'm just going to mention some of the biggest improvements that I've seen. 1)The biggest change is the addition of the web apps. It may not be a true direct competitor to google docs, but it allows for easier sharing of documents, as well as making your documents more accessible. 2)The ribbon is back and it now includes the File option and a new feature called Backstage view. Backstage view incorporates the most commonly used actions in one place (yay! no more dialog boxes with tabs). You get the usual open, save and print, but you also get several templates for new documents, print layouts and ways to share your work, all without dialog boxes and tabs, everything is much more easily accessible. 3)Another new feature is that the ribbon is now customizable so you can organize it according to your needs. 4)There is a Paste Preview which lets you switch between paste options so you can make sure that your work will be formatted correctly. Changes in PowerPoint. You can now edit video directly on PowerPoint. You can trim a video, add effects, fades and even triggers for animations for the presentation. Another new feature is that you can add effects and edit images without the need for third party software. Changes in Word. One nifty new feature in Word is called Navigation pane, which replaces the old document map. It incorporates minor changes in design that make big changes in productivity and ease of use. It allows you to quickly rearrange the document. Take for example a document with several headings/sections. The Navigation pane provides a list of all the headings. The headings are live, so you can drag them up or down, thus rearranging the document. It also incorporates most of the functions that used to be available in the Find dialog box but now they are all visible so you don't have to go digging through several menus to find the option that you need. Changes in Excel. Most of the changes in Excel deal with very large datasets. There is a new PowerPivot add-in which works great if you are dealing with a very large dataset that does not fit in one Excel spreadsheet. PowerPivot pulls the data from multiple sources (several Excel spreadsheets for instance) to analyze it. Summary: Overall this is one well planned and executed upgrade that essentially takes all the promises of Office 2007 and makes them a reality. Yes, some things are different, and it will take some getting used to; but, once you realize the improvement in efficiency you'll agree that the changes are mostly for the positive. The only thing that I truly wish had changed but didn't is that this version does not include Outlook. That is available in the Home and Business version.
13/08/2013 03:13:08
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12/08/2013 07:40:47
Frank: One problem is that we don't know what the gworth segments are for T-Mobile (which has shown gworth compared to, say, Sprint PCS' subscriber decline). But, here's my guess. Up until now, T-Mobile's gworth has NOT come from the smartphone crowd, but its subscriber retention HAS come from Starbucks hotspot users. Going forward, however, my guess is that the combination of the iPhone and Starbucks' switch to AT T Wireless' hotspot changes this equation. In other words, my guess is that that basic phone market is at or near saturation while the smartphone market is in a gworth cycle propelled by the iPhone's success. If these assumptions are correct, the prediction is that we should see T-Mobile's gworth halt because basic phone users would stay while new smartphone buyers go elsewhere. T-Mobile data users will probably stay for 2 to 3 years while the Starbucks Hotspot roaming is still in effect. But, their smartphone/notebook hotspot user subscriber base should start shrinking in years 4 and 5 (2011 and 2012) just before the roaming agreement ends. If T-Mobile's gworth shows flattening in the next 4 to 6 quarters, it would be an indication that this prediction will play out as described. T-Mobile has not shown any innovation in the last couple of years except for dropping there combo EDGE/hotspot price to $20/month for voice subscribers. So, they may not have any cards to play except for their non-standard 3G offering later this year. Of course, these are all just guesses. We'll just have to wait and see how things play out.
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