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Déjà intéressé par Yahoo! par le passé, au point de faire voici trois ans une offre pharamineuse de près de 45 milliards de dollars, Microsoft apparaît une nouvelle fois bien placé pour acquérir le portail.

Microsoft pourrait donc lancer une nouvelle offre sur Yahoo! Tout comme le chinois Alibaba, la plate-forme électronique de commerce, détenue au passage à 40 % par le portail américain, qui agirait en partenariat avec la firme de capital-investissement Silver Lake et le russe Digital Sky Technologies. D'autres acquéreurs potentiels sont cités par les médias américains comme Disney, News Corp. ou AOL.

Le prix à payer serait nettement inférieur à celui proposé par Microsoft en 2088 (31 dollars l'action). Aujourd'hui, le cours est deux fois inférieur après avoir atteint 12,50 dollars au lendemain de l'annonce du départ de Carol Bartz. Reuters qui annonce l'intérêt de Microsoft pour Yahoo! précise que cette opération ne fait pas l'unanimité au sein de l'éditeur.  (Source Info DSI)

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15/08/2013 00:22:51
In my title, I noted that it is probably not worth the uprdage. The probably depends upon what you are upgrading from. If you are using Office 2007, stick with 2007. This has a slightly longer load time and not much in the way of usable new features. If you are upgrading from an even earlier version of Office, then this is probably the way to go. The good: The ribbon bar. I like it and it is still there, with a couple of minor improvements such as adding a file option and incorporating your most commonly used actions into one place (kind of like Office 2003 did). The look is slightly updated to be more in line with Windows 7. There are some nice video editing features for PowerPoint that you may find useful. Also, the true claim to fame of this program is that it nearly catches up to Google Docs with online options. Finally, this is a three computer license, which is nice since so many people buy one and put it on all the computers in the house anyway. The bad: Slower load time (with a fancier splash screen to make you think you are getting something better). Second, try the online options at Office Live before you buy. I have found that the load times can be unbearable there and the firewall where I work effectively blocks the Office Live features anyway. The INEXCUSABLE: I didn't want to give this a one star rating for draconian DRM like so many gamers have done lately, but this product does one inexcusable thing on install. I was upgrading from Office 2007 Pro to 2010 Home and Student. I was well aware that this version didnt come with Access or Outlook, but I WAS COMPLETELY UNAWARE THAT 2010 WOULD REMOVE MY EXISTING ACCESS 2007 AND OUTLOOK 2007 FROM MY COMPUTER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! There is no excuse for this type of behavior and it is making me consider re-installing 2007 instead of this junk! (When I have time, I will attempt to re-install Outlook and Access 2007 from that disk and see what happens, but even if that works, this is inexcusable.)
13/08/2013 04:00:53
apple word is basically the same as Microsoft word. The lyaout is just a little different. And yes you can buy apple word as a stand alone program.However never rule out open office. Its free and fully compatible with ms word. google it for more info
12/08/2013 14:53:17
- WOW! LOVE your blog, you did a fab job! Oh and those seniors lolook amazing :) My goal for next year is 25 seniors crazy ! Anyway, your guys' work is always super amazing, and I am such a huge fan. Keep it up!
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