A la dcouverte d'Exchange Server 2007

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1 Historique d'Exchange Server

Microsoft commercialise des produits liés à la messagerie électronique depuis bientôt 15 ans. Voici un bref historique de logiciel serveur d'abord nommé MS-Mail, puis renommé Exchange Server en 1996

MS-Mail 3.5 MS Mail est  le premier système de messagerie client/serveur commercialisé par Microsoft (le client était intégré à Windows 95/NT4). Ce produit disposait de son propre service d'annuaire et les emails était accessible sous la forme d'un partage de fichiers. L'utilisation de Microsoft Mail dans de grandes organisations posait problème car une seule instance était limitée à 500 utilisateurs et la synchronisation de l'annuaire (et des listes d'adresses) n'était pas efficace.
Exchange Server 4.0 Apparut en 1996, Exchange Server 4.0 est le remplaçant de Microsoft Mail. Il est basé sur le protocole de messagerie X.400 (comme avec MS Mail, de nombreux connecteurs sont disponibles pour fournir une interaction avec les autres protocoles de messagerie comme SMTP).
Exchange Server 5.0 Le 23 Mai 1997, Microsoft commercialise la version 5 d'Exchange Server. Les principales nouveautés sont
  • intégration du protocole SMTP en standard
  • apparition d'un webmail nommé Exchange Web Access, puis Outlook Web Access
  • nouvelle console d'administration
Exchange Server 5.5 A partir de la version 5.5 (novembre 1997), Exchange est proposé en deux éditions standard et entreprise Sur la version standard, les bases de données sont limitées à 16Go alors que sur la version entreprise la limite est de 8To (même si Microsoft recommande de ne pas dépasser les 100Go...). Exchange 5.5 apporte le support du protocole IMAP4, le support du clustering à deux n&oeliguds (uniquement sur la version entreprise) et intègre la fonction calendrier dans OWA.
Exchange Server 2000 Commercialisé le 29 novembre 2000, Exchange 2000 ne dispose plus de son propre annuaire LDAP. Le produit est dorénavant intégré à Active Directory ce qui complexifie grandement le processus de migration à partir des versions précédentes Exchange 2000 apporte aussi son lot d'amélioration sur les fonctions existantes (support des clusters à 4 n&oeliguds,  amélioration d'Outlook Web Access...).
Exchange Server 2003 Apparut 3 ans plus tard, Exchange 2003 reste dans la lignée d'Exchange 2000. Ses principales nouveautés concernent le domaine de la mobilité
  • Intégration d'Outlook Mobile Access (interface Web conçue pour le réseau WAP) et d'ActiveSync (protocole permettant de synchroniser une boîte aux lettres sur un smartphone ou un pocket pc)
  • Ajout d'un mode "mis en cache" pour les clients MAPI (protocole RPC)
  • Nouvelle interface pour Outlook Web Access
  • Intégration du protocole RPC sur HTTPs qui permet de synchroniser un client MAPI (Outlook) via des requêtes HTTP (ou HTTPs)
  • Le SP2 intègre deux fonctions liées à ActiveSnc le mode Direct Push qui permet de recevoir ses mails en temps réel, la fnction RemoteWipe qui permet d'effacer le contenu d'un téléphone ou d'un pocket pc volé ou perdu

Le produit apporte aussi des fonctionnalités de filtrage anti-spam performantes (SenderID, IMF...).

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I've been made redundant celexa for depression side effects And why does it have a safety board? Perhaps because it allows users to join aged 13 (although lots of younger children are probably users) – and perhaps because posted material can be shared and viewed in an instant. does doxycycline get rid of acne Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has ruled out a fresh round of cuts, his government is seeking to lower its privatisation revenue target after failing to sell its natural gas operation and there is a 1 billion euros black hole in the state-run health insurer. So its lenders may demand measures to fill that. generic macrobid during pregnancy Merck & Co, which makes Zilmax, suspended sales ofthe drug while it carried out an audit of how it was being used,from the feedyard to the packing plant. Merck said it remainedconfident in the safety of the product, which had sales of $159million last year in the United States and Canada. how long should it take for ibuprofen to reduce fever The ruling against the three-time former premier deepenedthe divide within the ruling coalition between lawmakers loyalto Berlusconi, 76, and those who have traditionally opposed him.While the conviction was upheld, Berlusconi’s penalty has yet tobe clarified as his prison sentence will probably be convertedto house arrest or community service. A ban on holding publicoffice was ordered to be reviewed by a lower court. what does ovaboost do Kardashian, 33, then takes a slight step toward the rapper while he apparently keeps talking and the orchestra keeps playing. The giant jumbotron with the message PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!! is just out of sight. where to buy mobicosa We shouldn't overlook Lars Peter Hansen. He was the third Nobel prize winner, for developing statistical tools that are now hugely influential in economics - especially in the study of financial markets. amitriptyline side effects 25 mg Seoul shares were steady percent. SamsungElectronics Co Ltd dropped 0.9 percent after itsApril-June operating profit increased 47.5 percent to 9.5trillion won ($8.5 billion), in line with its estimate. amoxil 500 mg caps The attacks and the government's inability to contain the sectarian tensions are proving a major challenge for President Thein Sein's administration as it attempts to move toward democracy and greater freedom. kamagra kaufen oral jelly He said on the Saturday morning, after Hockney had left the house, Mr Elliott started laughing hysterically before he jumped head first off the 9ft high internal balcony of the house, but was not seriously hurt. propranolol good migraine prevention Both Nuon Chea, the regime's number two leader, and Khieu Samphan, its head of state, have said in the past that they believed they were acting in the best interests of the nation and had been unaware of the full extent of killings. elavil used for ibs Prosecutors identified Drinkman and Kalinin as sophisticated hackers who specialized in penetrating the computer networks of multinational corporations, financial institutions and payment processors. avlimil bula “Against this background, it is important to recognise that failure to diagnose meningitis may not necessarily be negligent if the GP's management can be shown to be competent and reasonable. Over 70% of claims received by the MDU are discontinued without a payment being made.” how much does generic prozac cost without insurance Jan Spooner is the centre manager at the Altrincham branch,and she believes that while tighter regulation of the industry important, thisshould be coupled with financial education, to encourage young people to takeresponsibility for their finances, and turn away from payday lenders.
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